Hello, to the person who is reading this. My name is Arman, and this is my retro game corner on a snug corner of the web. You're probably thinking to yourself right now, "This place is wack! Why would you create something like this?" So I will explain why I made this website.

I would say I've been gaming for 98% of my life, but if that is too big of an exaggeration, I would say I started when I was very little. I started using computers basically fresh out of the womb. How? We may never know how and why I did it, but it happened, and my parents thought of me as a quote on quote "computer wizard" when I was very young.

The website I have created is an iota of the web that I remember from very early on -- the web that I basically grew up on -- when I was browsing using the Netscape browser on my parents' Windows 95 Compaq with a 166MHz Pentium processor. My nostalgia towards retro gaming stuff is a combination of games that I remember playing when I was little, and the fact that I basically grew up mostly playing retro games, when they were still considered retro. One of the first few consoles I remember getting was a SNES, and I grew up playing Wolfenstein 3D and Super Mario All-Stars on it...starting c.2008.

I was born and raised in Texas, the birth-state of great game companies like 3D Realms, Ion Storm, and id Software, but more specifically, I'm from Dallas. I am 20 years old, and have been to a lot of places. I lived in Ohio at some point, and now I'm moved over to Nebraska, and am currently pursuing a Cyber Security major at UNO. Why did I move to Nebraska? I don't even know myself, but I do happen to have family in the neighboring state of Iowa.