I will suggest several sites that I highly suggest for folks to check out, that are related to this website, in some way, shape, or form.

First, and definitely not the worst, I highly suggest VOGONS! I use this website quite a lot for my vintage computing needs.

Secondly, take a look at 3D Realms. This is their official website, I like visiting the old one too. I downloaded some patches for games like Shadow Warrior on there a while ago.

I also like visiting Digital Press sometimes. It's mostly retro console stuff, not much PC stuff.

Looking and reading at obscure, vintage computers on oldcomputers.net is also a lot of fun when you have some time to kill.

Do you want to play some MS-DOS games, but you don't have an older computer? Well download DOSBox, and then head over to My Abandonware and pick up some MS-DOS games...for free! Virus free, too! (Disclaimer: This isn't considered pirating by law, as pretty much all of the games on here have developers and publishers which are LONG gone.)